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Meet Jamal Taleb – the entrepreneur behind BondApp

When was the last time you walked up to someone you didn’t know and started a conversation to establish a connection and expand your network? What about as more than a way to pass the time as you stand in line? It’s probably not recently, and the idea might even make you feel a bit queasy.

We live in a time when it’s easier than ever to get lonely, but it’s also more difficult to meet other people. Often, it feels like if you aren’t able to hold onto your high school or college friendships, and aren’t lucky enough to find friends at work, you’re doomed to be lonely.

Fortunately, that’s all changing with BondApp. Founded by Jamal Taleb, an entrepreneur out of Boston, who went to Northeastern University to earn his Bachelor and Master degrees in engineering. Imagine instead of filtering through the noise on networking and meetup apps that you head out into the city and find someone who already lives nearby to talk to. No – you haven’t had to approach a stranger in a bar or head out to a gig alone and try to plant yourself within an already established friendship group, you’ve simply opened the BondApp and found people out and ready to meet other people at local venues.

Now that’s a game changer. No more needing a group of friends to head out. No having to have matched with that one person you hope will be your next romantic relationship, just relaxed, social meetups that allow you to make new friendships and meet local people.

BondApp is truly breaking down the barriers of what it means to break the ice. Just open the app, ping anyone who’s open to connect, and start chatting. You could meet up just a few minutes after talking and make a new connection. BondApp has done all the hard work for you, so you can do the (admittedly often daunting) part of meeting someone new.

With BondApp, there’s no more fear of rejection – how great is that?

There are hundreds of social apps out there that are full of spam and if not spam, then fake profiles. Getting catfished or scammed is a real concern, but BondApp solves that problem by using your phone’s location (and that of other locals) to show you who’s nearby within a limited 200ft range. If you see a profile you like, send them an invitation, and make a connection. It really is that easy.

This Hotspot feature means that BondApp isn’t just the perfect companion for anyone who wants to be social in the city, it’s also the perfect way to promote your venue, restaurant, bar, or attraction. Any local business can become a BondApp hotspot and allow Bondians to come and meet one another while enjoying all their facility has to offer.

That means if you open the app and there’s no one within 200 feet of your location, you can simply head to a hotspot and see what happens from there. Have a drink, have a bite to eat, or enjoy the scenery and start chatting to other locals in the hotspot. Best of all, to see what they look like and verify their identity, all you have to do is look across the room to decide if it’s safe to meet them. In just a couple of minutes, you can be having drinks while talking to someone new.

No one there you want to connect with? No problem, just head down the street to the next hotspot and see what’s going on there.

BondApp is the perfect companion and wingman for anyone not only in Boston, where BondApp has received some incredible feedback from its users. To try it for yourself, simply download the app on your phone (available on iOS and Android) or head to to find out more.

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