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How Network Marketing Empowered Ricky Villanueva to Break all Records

Ricky Villanueva is a young American entrepreneur. He has established a name for himself as a sales and network marketing expert. With a decade of ups and downs behind him, Ricky feels he’s finally arrived. As someone who had a natural inclination towards sales, Ricky believes it was network marketing that helped him take things to the next level. 

Ricky had always been passionate about sales. He says, “The sales industry made sense to me. I could understand its rhythm, its pace. It matched with my own. I figured I had the mindset to do well in it. Sales for me was a challenge I could not get enough of. I stuck to it despite the fact that it took me a decade to breakthrough. My passion for sales is inborn and the reason why I was able to persevere despite initial and long-drawn uncertainties.” 

Although sales helped Ricky find his way in life, it was not until he got an opportunity to dabble with network marketing that he was truly able to express his expertise. I come from a personal background where we don’t ignore issues, we deal with them. This is what I brought to the table. I like to get things done. In 2019 when I decided to quit my 9-5 for the second time to start something on my own, I was offered the opportunity to launch a network marketing company. Having a deep knowledge of sales, I always knew that network marketing is one of the best ways to sell a product. It helps you cut down your advertising budget. And with time I have come to rely on direct customer engagement more and more.”

Network marketing is not for everyone. But those who are able to steer it at command are the ones who reap great benefits and recurring rewards. Ricky says, “There are many reasons that make network marketing tick. You see, products don’t speak. It’s the seller who does the talking. A consumer sees the intention and knowledge of the salesperson reflect on the product. This projection is what makes or breaks the deal. And with the advent and growth of virtual mediums for communication, it’s now easier than ever to get overseas clients and expand your base.”

For Ricky, this is just the beginning. There are many marketing miles this young self-made millionaire is yet to cover. 

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